Matterhorn Wax

Matterhorn Wax

All time classic jam Live At The Matterhorn now on heavyweight vinyl for your listening pleasure. Originally released on CD in 2001, the new limited edition 2LP 180gm vinyl features a track per side ‘Runnin’, ‘Rain’, ‘No Parking’ and ‘Bounce’ spanning a total of 70 minutes. 

The recording was made when Freddys was honing its sound and chops in the Wellington underground music scene and liked nothing better than to jam. The stage was literally the back garden of Wellington’s then den of iniquity The Matterhorn bar. The audience consisted of a random collection of 30 people most of whom from memory were hospitality workers having a drink after work. Legend.

It’s Fulla Flash aka Warren Maxwell on saxophone, the fore runner to Chopper Reeds. Trombonist Hopepa aka Joe Lindsay is yet to join the band. The recording by beatmaker DJ MU aka Fitchie was taken on a mini disc feed from the desk but Freddys distinctive hi-tek soul qualities shine through led by the velvet vocals of singer Joe Dukie aka Dallas Tamaira. 

‘Live At The Matterhorn’ is a touchstone for those wanting to experience Freddys early jams, the source for where Freddys story began.

Pre-sales available now, and this release comes with a digital download card.