Everybody wants it, everybody needs it 'Special Edition' music video is ridiculously adoreable.

Mark Williams aka M.C. Slave of FFD and the video Director says: "The Special Edition video is a collaboration with puppet master Jon Coddington. We first worked together with Jon on the 2013 Freddy’s ‘Clean the House’ video. Jon made the marionettes especially for that".

When asked to get the band back together Jon was all for it! Stating “It was super cool to dust off the Freddy's marionettes, they were literally sitting in a box in a garage…

This time however Fat Freddy's Drop thought they'd add another dimension with the hand puppets and gathered 14 puppeteers from the extended Woah! puppeteering family to take part and help out. “I’ve never been in a room with so many puppeteers - it was so much fun” Jon says.

"Jon is an amazing talent! Gathering that many puppeteers in one room is a rare thing and it was an absolute joy to work with them on this. The puppeteers employ many skills form acting, singing, dance and art. A great bunch of people.” - Mark Williams

Everybody wants it, everybody needs it 'Special Edition'. #swaylikethis

Chur Credits Fat Freddy's Drop 'Special Edition' Director - Mark Williams, D.O.P - Issac Newcombe, Camera Assistant - Angie Sanchez Villar, Editor - Ian Bennett.

A huge thanks to all the great puppeteers, crew & facility at Whoa! Studios in Auckland, NZ Marionette/Puppet Builders - Jon Coddington, Paul Lewis, Rebekah Head Puppeteers - Jon Coddington, Paul Lewis, Rebekah Head, Chye-Ling Huang, Kelly Gilbride, Edwin Beats, Ryan Dulieu, Terry Hooper, Evie Hooper, Alanah Pearce, Renee Mahy, Holly Gibbs

'Special Edition Part 1' new album streaming/download out now.