Fitchie aka MU (Freddy's beatmaster and producer) will be undergoing urgent hip surgery due to the increasing severity of osteoarthritis in his right hip. His current level of pain and lack of mobility make it impossible for Fitchie to travel and perform. After reluctantly facing this difficult situation, the November tour dates have been rescheduled into March & May 2020.

The Zurich, Frankfurt & Copenhagen concerts have been moved into March 2020 and the band will take to the road again in late April through May 2020. The Dusseldorf show will now take place in Cologne, and only one November show, Stockholm, was unable to be re-scheduled.

Original tickets purchased will remain valid for the rescheduled dates or refunds can be obtained by contacting the official ticket seller directly. Freddys appreciate that many fans will have booked travel & accommodation and sincerely apologise.

The boys are confident that Fitchie will be up and running for the NZ Summer Record Tour in January & February and that the shows will be on fire for UK & Europe in March - May 2020.

The good news is that new Freddys music is on it's way. Nothing can keep Fitchie out of the studio.